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22.09.2011 - Paula P'Cay (
Hi Pasha, please contact me per email
I already checked ypur mixes/ I like it very much

22.09.2011 - Singer Nikita (
Welcome to Moscow! We would like to discuss possible collaboration and kindly asking you about personal meeting.We would like to propose you a duo. Nikita is a popular Russian singer. We believe that our proposal could be very advantageous for both parties!
Contact details:
We are looking forward to you arrival in Moscow and hope to meet you here!
Thanks for your attention, best regards!

20.09.2011 - Dj Pasha Kran (Rostov) (
Pleasant listening.
I have a question, it can is a little premature. That it would be necessary to make what to write down with you a joint track?
I ask even any more to myself.
My tracks.... Well we will tell so level - not that. I only Dj - not the musician.

In my project there is a person which, is well-known enough in our city, among youth and not only.
It - the center of a writing of cool remixes and joint tracks from styles a vocal a house.
Worked with many Russian pop stars.
If there is such possibility with you to work, how it to make?
Yours faithfully Pasha

20.09.2011 - Paula P'Cay
yeah Rostov was great, thank you! It was nice to meet you, and I am happy, that you like my music! I wish you all the best, too, and I will check your music out!!!!

18.09.2011 - Dj Pasha Kran (Rostov) (
Greetings Paula! How are you doing? How your performance in club of Rostov? All ok?
I that little boy from the plane, flying with you from Vienna to Rostov)
Listened to your songs, tracks - it is class) the Vocal at height)
I will be glad to hear the answer to this message) Pasha Kran

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