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Paula P’Cay was born in Romania and came to West- Germany at the age of 3.

When Paula P’Cay was 18, she went to Berlin, where she met many Dj’s, producers, clubowners, musicians and singers during the time of the uprising House & Techno time. Her musical carreer startet.

Since then she recorded over 300 ( some covers but mostly lyrics by Paula P’Cay) songs with many international producers ( mainly house- music productions), she made over 500 international live- performances & concerts, she is travelling a lot around the world and her biggest Fan Community is in Russia, Germany and Poland, 

Her Diva -like appearance on stage, and her strong, sound -and soulful voice fits fabulously with Dance,House,Electronic and Soul beats . Music is her life, and she transports the strong feeling of love and Happiness to the people,and let the audience , forget about their sorrows and problems for the period of her live- show.

She’s been singing in the best House -music Clubs around the world like ,Pacha,Ministry of Sound, Electric Kingdom, Soho Rooms….. the story continues….


Since 2016 she started to write & sing german songs.